Training Simulator Video #1

Training Simulator Video #2

The Training Simulator was built in 2007. The purpose is to enhance and educate the Stacy-Lent area Fire Department and all surrounding community Fire Departments, Police and EMS units.

The Simulator is an ideal training device for all aspects of fire fighting training scenarios, Law Enforcement scenarios, as well as EMS. It’s designed to train individuals in live burn situations, search and rescue, confined space and maydays. It’s equipped with a smoke generator, a fire suppression sprinkler system in the burn rooms, and a standpipe. It’s also equipped with a confined space training floor.

The Simulator is a perfect model for Law Enforcement units to train on executing search warrants, stand-off situations, and all other scenarios. It has also been used by K-9 units to execute search and rescue scenarios.

The Training Simulator can also be used for EMS scenarios such as upper level safe patient removal, mass casualty, CO2 alarms as well as other scenarios.
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